After School Care/360 Programs

Enrichment 360

Enrichment 360

All Saints families can find the registration link on the Resource Board. 

All Saints Episcopal School is excited to continue to offer after school enrichment courses for our families. Our enrichment courses are 12 classes that meet once a week after school from January 16th-April 11th. New courses will come out each semester!

Spring 2024 Courses:

Advanced Drawing (5th-8th) - Tuesday
In Advanced Drawing, we will work on the drawing skills that each student is interested in and do the projects that are the most fun! Regardless of the project, students will learn fundamental drawing skills that are masked to just be fun art projects. Let’s make cool things and have fun! 

American Viking Warrior (1st-2nd) - Wednesday
American Viking Warrior is inspired by the show American Ninja Warrior. We will use obstacle courses to work on our coordination, strength and agility. Students will be challenged and, more importantly, have fun through play. Get ready for an incredible time!

E-Sports (5th-8th) - Thursday
E-Sports is taking gaming to the next level! We will train in several games and hold internal tournaments. We will be working hand, eye coordination while building community around gaming. We have seen incredible results in social development of participants. E-Sports in schools is not just about playing video games. Just like other team sports, E-Sports teach valuable real-world skills like teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. By offering E-Sports as an enrichment course, schools reach students who often are otherwise disengaged from the school community.

Food & Fun (Kindergarten) - Tuesday
Food and Fun is going to be an exciting experience for students that love eating food, making food and having fun! This is such a fundamental skill that we all need a little help on, so let's get Kindergarten ready to succeed. We will be diving into all of the yummy topics that come with food and connecting those ideas to things like science. All students that love fun and eating will love this class! 

Little Movers & Shakers (PK3 & PK4) - Tuesday
Little Movers & Shakers is focused on developing gross motor skills through crafting, dance and play. The students will enjoy a variety of activities to help improve balance, coordination, fine motor skills, finding their rhythm and the joy of music. Students will have fun working their bodies! 
Minecraft Coding Club (2nd-4th) - Wednesday
Minecraft Coding Club will be a collaborative experience where students learn age-appropriate fundamentals to coding. Whether your student is a beginner or they are refining their coding skills, this is the class for them! In the class, we will learn about the basics of programming while working on collaboration techniques, critical thinking skills and practice persistence when facing difficult tasks. We will be using a variety of techniques to learn these skills, but students’ favorite will be utilizing games to learn coding. No experience needed!
Small Saints Cheer (3rd-5th) - Tuesday
Small Saints Cheer is an opportunity for some of our younger students to have a cheerleading experience. Students will learn the basics of cheer, like movement, stretching and a routine. Students will have the unique opportunity to perform at the All Saints pep rally with our Middle School cheerleaders. 

Our Rates Are:
1 Course (12 Classes)
$200 ($16.67 per class)
2 Courses (24 Classes)
$87.50 $350 ($14.58 per class)

Our Schedule is:
Students go to their designated area and instructors walk them to their classroom. 
3:20-3:30 Students have their snack 
3:30-4:15 Instructors lead their activity as students participate 
Pick up is at the front office carpool
Club students walked to the Club Building
Students not picked up by 4:30 will be brought to the Club Building and charged for a drop in ($25). 

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