Lower School

Second Grade Curriculum

Our Curriculum

List of 4 items.


    • Superkids Reading Program: Phonics-based, comprehensive approach to literacy and comprehension
    • MyView - reading curriculum
    • Literature-based approach to reading with emphasis on fluency and comprehension
    • Descriptive and narrative writing with a focus on grammar and editing; writing personal letters
    • Zaner Bloser Handwriting: Introduction to cursive writing
    • Voyager Sopris - Primary Spelling by Pattern: Scientific Spelling
    • Accelerated Reader
    • iPad apps and web-based programs

    • Dimensions Math - Singapore Math curriculum with an emphasis on number sense
    • Place value
    • Comparison of numbers
    • Addition and subtraction with regrouping
    • Time and money
    • Graphing
    • Measurement
    • Shapes and patterns
    • Symmetry
    • Fractions
    • Introduction to multiplication and division
    • iPad apps and web-based programs

    • Life Science - types of animals, animal life cycle, plant life cycle
    • Earth Science - weather, solar system
    • Physical Science - observing and classifying matter, changes in matter, sound
    • Science labs
    • Scholastic News Science Spin
    • Web-based programs

    • Famous Americans
    • Holidays
    • Continents
    • Map skills
    • Graphing and tables
    • Scholastic News

Enrichment Curriculum

List of 6 items.

  • Foreign Language Curriculum (Spanish)

    • Development of listening, speaking, and comprehension skills for everyday communication
    • Vocabulary and basic parts of speech
    • Spanish culture
    • Enrichment activities including songs, games, dances, movies, and puppets
  • Art

    • Continuation of the care of tools, various media, design principles, and art history
    • Use of clay, paintings, and printmaking
    • Focus on multicultural unit involving a countries artifacts, sounds, tastes, and clothing (textiles)
    • Introduction of : drawing principles, body proportions, and facial features
  • Music

    • Continuation of music curriculum
    • Exploration of music concepts through singing and playing rhythm instruments
    • Introduction to the lives and music of great composers
    • Performance opportunities include Christmas pageant and Grandparents and Special Friends Day
  • Physical Education

    • Cooperative games
    • Skatetime
    • Cross-Curriculum games
  • Library

    • Literature-based with emphasis on authors and novels (fiction and non-fiction)
    • Book Talks
    • Makerspace activities to support reading and classroom curriculum 
  • Technology

    • Curriculum Integration
    • Basic Computer Skills
    • Keyboarding
    • Coding
    • Instruction in use of Google Apps for Education
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