Primary School

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our Curriculum

List of 4 items.

  • Language Arts

    • Superkids Reading Program: Phonics-based, comprehensive approach to literacy and comprehension.
    • Zaner Bloser Handwriting: Letter and Number Formation
    • Heggerty Phonemic Awareness
    • Modeled, Shared, and Independent writing
    • iPad apps and web-based programs
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  • Mathematics

    • Dimensions Math: Singapore Math curriculum -  number sense, shapes, graphing, patterns, measurement, addition and subtraction to 10
    • Emphasis on building number sense using the concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach
    • iPad apps and web-based programs
  • Science

    • Scientific Investigation and Reasoning 
    • Life Science - senses, safety, space, nutrition, insects, science lab, body parts
    • Earth Science - natural world, seasons and weather
    • Physical Science - matter and energy
    • Science lab
    • Scholastic News Science Spin
  • Social Studies

    • Historical figures and holidays
    • Citizenship
    • Geography - Our world
    • Basic human needs and wants
    • Purpose of rules and authority figures
    • American customs and symbols
    • Similarities and differences among people
    • Scholastic Reader: Let's Find Out

Enrichment Curriculum

List of 6 items.

  • Foreign Language Curriculum (Spanish)

    • Exposure to Spanish sounds, vocabulary expressions
    • Hispanic culture awareness
    • Enrichment activities including songs, games , dances, movies
  • Art

    • Introduction to and care tools and various media
    • Two and three dimensional activities
    • Elementary use of clay, painting , drawing , printing
  • Music

    • Singing, listening, movement and playing rhythm instruments
    • Performance opportunities include Christmas Pageant , Grandparents and Special Friends Day
  • Physical Education

    • Introductory games
    • Parachute play
    • Ball skills, bean bags, scooters
    • Skatetime
    • Cross- curriculum games
  • Library

    • Read fiction and nonfiction stories
    • Makerspace activities
  • Technology

    • Curriculum integration
    • Basic computer skills
    • Introduction to keyboarding
    • Introduction to coding
    • Developmentally appropriate software in various content areas
    • Apple Apps
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