Middle School

Sixth Grade Curriculum

Our Curriculum

List of 8 items.

  • Language Arts

    • Literature-based program using fiction, short stories, novels, and poetry
    • Literary and story elements
    • Vocabulary Workshop
    • Formal composition writing, emphasis on well-constructed paragraphs
    • Accelerated Reader 
  • Mathematics

    • Operation with whole numbers, decimals, and percent concepts
    • Simple probability
    • Variables and exponents
    • Geometric concepts
    • Statistical analysis
    • Operations and integers
    • Solving simple equations
  • Science

    Life Science
    • Life iScience (Glencoe/McGraw Hill) - science curriculum
    • Science safety
    • Scientific method and skills
    • Needs of living things
    • Cells, tissues, and organs
    • Classification of organisms
    • Simple organisms
    • Invertebrates and vertebrates
    • Plant structure and function
    • Human body
    • Science lab activities
  • Social Studies

    World Geography:
    • Geography and map skills
    • Study of continents and various countries within each continent  (Cultures, history, government, economy, and environmental issues)
  • Spanish

    • Navigando 1  - Spanish curriculum, high school Spanish I
    • Basic grammar, conversational structures, pronunciation, and vocabulary
    • Development of oral and written communication skills
    • Cultures of Spain and Latin America
  • Health

    All sixth graders take one semester of health where they learn about making good choices for a healthy life style.
  • Technology

    • Keyboarding
    • Google Apps 
    • Digital citizenship

  • Physical Education

    • Team Athletics - Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Softball, Cross Country, Golf
    • Track and Field
    • Cooperative Activities 
    • Physical fitness - mile run
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