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An All Saints education prepares the whole child with the foundation needed to be successful academically and to follow Christian values in both private and public lives. It is an investment in a child’s future, providing each student with experiences that promote curiosity and critical thinking. The school seeks to enroll students who are bright, creative, eager to make a difference and ready to make the most of their school experience.
All families may apply for tuition assistance as part of the enrollment/re-enrollment process, or they may opt-out. Tuition assistance takes into consideration a number of variables, including annual gross income, number of dependents, assets, etc. The rate of tuition may be the Top Tuition or a discounted amount based on the family’s financial profile.

Grade Top Tuition 2024-2025 Range with Tuition Assistance*
PK3 (8am-1pm) $5,100.00
PK4 (8am-1pm) $6,140.00
Kindergarten- 5th Grade $12,460.00 $6,230.00 - $12,460.00
6th-8th Grade $13,310.00 $6,655.00 - $13,310.00

*The maximum rate of tuition assistance available to qualified, mission-appropriate students in grades K-8 is 50% of the Top Tuition. All families are invited to apply for tuition assistance at

Tuition Payment Plans

Families at All Saints Episcopal School may select from one of two payment plans: a one-time annual payment or ten-month installments.  Families will select a payment plan when enrolling each year.  A different payment plan can be selected for a subsequent year during re-enrollment.  Payments may be made online, by phone, or in-person at the office. 

If a family wishes to discuss a custom payment plan, please contact the Finance Office at (409) 892-1755.

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  • One-Payment Plan

    Payment is paid in full by June 1. A 2% discount is given and the Tuition Insurance Fee is waived. Tuition assistance recipients are not eligible for the 2% prepaid tuition discount.
  • Ten-Payment Plan

    Payment is made in ten installments. The first monthly tuition payment is due June 1 and is non-refundable. Subsequent payments are due the first of each month, September through May. Payments are delinquent after the seventh of each month and carry a $40.00 late fee. Returned checks carry a fee of $30.00 each.

    It is understood that the obligation is for the full tuition, except for those provisions covered by the Tuition Insurance Fee.

Additional Costs of Attendance

All Saints is keenly aware of the sacrifice our parents make to enroll their children in our school. With this in mind, we have worked to limit the number of incidental expenses incurred during the year. Beyond tuition, there are some additional expenses related to attendance, which are itemized below.

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  • Yearly Fees

    • Enrollment/Registration Fee $300.00
    • Tuition Insurance Fee $70.00
    • School Supply Fee $75.00
    • Science Lab Fee (6th - 8th) $100.00
    • Field Trip Fee $100.00
  • New Families - One Time Only Fees

    • Application Fee $125.00
    • Facilities Fee $500.00
  • After School Care

    All Saints provides an after-school program for All Saints students (CLUB), which is held in the St. Stephen's Christian Education Building. For information about CLUB, please contact the front office or email
  • Dining Services

    Students may bring snacks and/or lunches from home. Snacks and lunches are also available for purchase and are provided by Basic Foods. Parents may order and pay for food online for the following grades: 
    • Snacks: $1.00- $2.00 (grades 3-8)
    • Lunch: $6.00 (grades K-8)
  • Uniforms

    All Saints uniforms can be purchased from Land's End or Flynn O'hara. The Spirit Shoppe is sponsored by the ASPA and sells used uniforms on campus. The Spirit Shoppe uniforms range from $5.00- $25.00.
  • iPad and Chromebook Insurance

    iPad and Chromebook insurance is optional. 
    K-8th: $40 per student
  • Parent Association

    All Saints Parent Association (ASPA) has annual membership dues of $25. Membership includes one school directory. Additional directories cost $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Case Study 1

    • One working parent, one lower school applicant
    • Annual Income $55,000
    • Annual Housing Expense $15,000
    • Tuition Assistance awarded 50%
    • Potential Merit Scholar

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  • Case Study 2

    • Two working parents, one lower school applicant, one middle school applicant
    • Annual Income $135,000
    • Student Debt (Mom) $25,000
    • Annual Housing Expense $24,000
    • Tuition Assistance awarded 25%

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  • Case Study 3

    • Two working parents, two middle school applicants
    • Annual Income $215,000
    • Annual Housing Expense $40,000
    • Tuition Assistance awarded 0%

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  • Case Study 4

    • Two working parents, one student in college, one middle school applicant
    • Annual Income $100,000
    • Annual Housing Expense $26,000
    • College Student 75% Financial Aid awarded
    • Tuition Assistance awarded 15%
All Saints Episcopal School is a community dedicated to academic excellence in a secure and supportive Christian environment.