Middle School

Eighth Grade Curriculum

Our Curriculum

List of 8 items.

  • Language Arts

    • Literature-based program using American novels, the short story, fiction, and non-fiction
    • Contextual Vocabulary
    • Extensive grammar review: parts of speech, clauses, phrases, and types of sentences
    • Composition: emphasis on persuasive writing
    • Vocabulary Workshop
    • Great Books project
  • Mathematics: Algebra

    • Quadratic equations
    • Integers and rational numbers
    • Inequalities
    • Exponents and polynomials
    • Graphs and linear equations
    • Inequalities and absolute values
    • Rational expressions and equations
    • Radical expressions and equations
    • Relations and functions
  • Science: Integrated Physics and Chemistry

    • Relate the relationship between properties of matter and its components
    • Atomic theory and structure Chemical applications

      • Physics in action/motion, forces and energy
      • Scientific Method
      • Graphing and measurement
      • Forces, Vectors, and velocity, acceleration, momentum, and projectiles
      • Simple harmonics and Waves
      • Gravity and Central mass
      • Environmental Studies
      • Social Studies Curriculum: American History, Part 2

        • 1877 through 20th Century
        • Texas History integrated into the U.S history units
        • Geography
        • Map Skills
        • Trip to Washington D.C.
      • Spanish

        • Year 3 of high school Spanish 1 curriculum
        • More complex structures Introduction of new tenses and grammar concepts
        • Emphasis on oral proficiency and communication skills
        • Cultures of Spain and Latin America
      • Religion

        • Study of Christianity and other World Religions
      • Physical Education

        • Team Athletics - Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball, Weight Training
        • Games
        • Track and Field
        • Cooperative Activities 
        • Physical Fitness - mile run
      • Technology

        • Keyboarding
        • Google Apps 
        • Digital citizenship
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