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The Fund for All Saints

Committee Chairs

A HUGE "Thank You" to this year's committee and chairs of The Fund for All Saints (Formerly the Annual Fund).
Honorary Chairs: Shari and Tim Brewer
Grandparent Chairs: Connie and Arthur Berry
Wendy and Clint Brasher
Patricia and John* Bullard 
Erin and Sam Coco
Ashley and Joe Fisher
Jennifer Fisher
Carly* and Dustin Galmor
Allison* and Mike Gilbert
Jennifer Job
April and Barrett* Lindsay
Alison and Mark Low*
Julia and Matthew* Matheny
Suma and Srini Patibandla
Scarlett and Wyatt Snider

Board Members
Kelly Henry
Dan Mabry
Richard Parr

Carol Chenault
Wendy Daigle
Karol Glaspy
Amy Mayo
David Willard*

*All Saints Alumni

The Fund for All Saints...A Game Changer

The Fund for All Saints Campaign will begin in September, and our goal is to have 100% in 100 days! The Fund provides critical resources that enrich the quality of education at our school. The Fund focuses on providing for technology needs and faculty professional development opportunities. Whether a student is receiving a new iPad or Chromebook or benefits from a new method of teaching, The Fund for All Saints enables us to secure the tools necessary for a first-rate education for each student.  In 2018, The Fund is providing half the salary for a full-time security officer on campus - assuring the safety of each student at All Saints.
At the heart of The Fund’s success are parent volunteers who help solicit support from our parent community.   Through their efforts, almost 100% of current parents donated to The Fund in 2017-18.  Every gift regardless of size is significant and counted.  Pledges are made in the fall and may be paid over the course of the school year, and they are also tax deductible. 

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the Fund for All Saints?

    Simply put, The Fund for All Saints allows our school to be a Game Changer in the lives of all students. A private independent school relies upon the generosity of its supporters to provide exceptional programs. Much of the enrichment in the areas of the arts and technology provided at our school are a result of annual giving. Without the The Fund for All Saints, our school would have to cut programs or increase tuition significantly.
  • Q. We already pay tuition. Isn't that enough?

    More than 85% of tuition monies are allocated for salaries and benefits for faculty and staff. The remainder goes to support operations. All Saints continually seeks to implement innovative methods of teaching and new resources to help engage our students. Tuition alone does not cover the cost to educate a child at All Saints. In fact, the school spends more than $1,120 on each student beyond the tuition received. The Fund for All Saints helps us bridge that gap, and keeps the school financially secure.
  • Q. Why doesn't All Saints charge more tuition to cover costs?

    The Board is committed to keeping tuition at the lowest possible level while providing the highest quality education for children. Affordable tuition allows All Saints to attract a diverse population of talented students.
  • Q. Is my gift to the All Saints Annual Fund tax deductible?

    Yes, it is! While tuition is not tax deductible, your gifts to the school certainly are.
  • Q. How much should I give?

    We encourage each family to give at a level that means something to them. Gifts range from $10.00 to $10,000.00. No gift is too small.
  • Q. Do all families of All Saints students give?

    Our goal is to have 100% participation from parents, faculty and staff, and the Board of Trustees. Last year 100% of faculty, staff and board members gave.
  • Q. Why is 100% participation so important?

    100% participation signals to the larger community, including foundations and other donors, that our families believe in the education provided at All Saints. Families who give feel ownership in the school.
  • Q. Can we designate where we would like our gift to be used?

    Certainly, although unrestricted donations give the school the most flexibility in meeting needs.
  • Q. Does my pledge need to be paid immediately?

    Families are encouraged to make their pledges as soon as possible, but we ask that payments be made by the end of May, 2018.
  • Q. What will the money raised from the All Saints Annual Fund be used for?

    • Funding for a full-time security guard on our campus every day of the school year
    • Workshops, training and national conferences for faculty and staff
    • New curriculum materials
    • State of the art technology, including iPads, new software, and licenses
    • New resources for art, drama, and music and all classrooms
In 2017-18, we surpassed our goal of $200,000 with close to100% participation by our Parents, Board, and Faculty and Staff! We are so grateful for the support of our ASES community.  Please click the link below to donate now! Any gift is necessary and appreciated.
All Saints Episcopal School is a community dedicated to academic excellence in a secure and supportive Christian environment.