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Camp FAQs

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Who is welcome at All Saints Summer Explorers?

    Everyone is welcome, including non-All Saints students. All campers must follow ASES Health Protocols and Code of Character.
    Sessions will be grouped by future grade (for example: if your child will be in 2nd grade in August, he/she may participate in 2nd-grade camps).  
    Should your child have an interest in a camp not in their age group, please contact the director to see if admission is possible.  
  • Q. How much does it cost for my child to attend Summer Explorers?

    The fee for each camp is $85.00. Money for all camps is due by May 28.   After that date, the fee will be $95.00. Half of the fee will be returned should you need to cancel seven (7) days prior to the camp. Less than seven (7) days’ notice will cause forfeiture of the full fee.
  • Q. What are the times and dates for Summer Explorers?

    JUNE 21-24   9:00-12:00
    JUNE 21-24 12:30-3:30
    JUNE 28-JULY 1  9:00-12:00
    JUNE 28-JULY 1 12:30-3:30
    JULY 5-8  9:00-12:00
    JULY 5-8  12:30-3:30
    JULY 12-15   9:00-12:00
    JULY 12-15 12:30-3:30
  • Q. What are the details?

    The registration form is located online.  EACH CHILD NEEDS HIS/HER OWN FORM. Physical forms may be obtained in the office.
  • Q. How do I know which courses my child can take?

    Sessions will be grouped by future grade (example: if your child will be in 2nd grade in August, he/she may participate in 2nd-grade camps).
  • Q. Can my child attend a camp for another age group?

    Should your child have an interest in a camp not in their age group, please contact the camp director to see if admission is possible.
  • Q. What should my child wear to Summer Explorers?

    All campers should dress in comfortable clothing and shoes. Most camps involve active participation.
  • Q. When should I drop off and pick up my child?

    Morning session drop-off will begin at 8:45 a.m. and pick-up promptly at 12:00 p.m.  
    Afternoon session drop-off will begin at 12:15 p.m. and pick-up promptly at 3:30 p.m.
  • Q. Where should I drop off or pick up my child?

    Both drop-off and pick-up will be at Middle School (French Road).
  • Q. Are there any special instructions if my child is coming to both camps?

    Snacks will be provided during camps. Students signed up for both morning and afternoon camps may stay and bring a lunch from home or pre-order a lunch. Orders will be made at the registration table on Mondays for the week.  Lunches are $6. The menu is available for pre-viewing on the Blackbaud Resource Board. Students must bring their own water bottle. Supervision will be provided.
  • Q. Can my child volunteer for service hours?

    If your child is in need of service hours, we’d LOVE to have them as camp volunteers. Please fill out the service hours form in the front office and you will be contacted. The instructors greatly appreciate the help. While we try to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee the camp requested.

Camp Descriptions

List of 36 items.

  • All Things Stranger Things

    We will visit the Upside down and detect the monsters! Games, scavenger hunts, and lots of waffles.  Screening of an episode of Stranger Things each day as well.
  • Around the Campfire

    Create lasting summer camp memories with macrame, weaving, and 3D art projects that reflect the fun of camping.
  • Art In The Dark

    Imagining the sun going down and nocturnal animals waking up; bats, owls, frogs, and fireflies.  We will create art that explores these creatures along with fun nighttime activities; exploring with a flashlight, catching fireflies, and a neighborhood walk at dusk.  We may even make some things glow.
  • Barbie Dance Camp

    Calling all dancers and Barbie lovers! Campers will experience a true Barbie good time with dance class, games, crafts, and lots of fun!
  • Basketball Basics

    Come explore the fun of basketball while learning the basics of passing, shooting, dribbling, defending, and teamwork.  This camp is geared toward giving students the chance to successfully develop good ball-handling techniques while engaging in playful competition with friends.  Students will develop team rapport and work on basic proficiencies.
  • Basketball for Beginners

    Come explore the fun of basketball while learning the basics of passing, shooting, dribbling, defending, and teamwork.  This camp is geared toward giving students the chance to successfully develop good ball-handling techniques while engaging in playful competition with friends.  Students will develop team rapport and work on basic proficiencies. 
  • Beach Break Art Party

    Hot sun, cool water, and gritty sand will all play a part in the awesome beach-themed art we will create this week. 
  • Beauty and The Beast Dance Camp

    Discover your inner Belle with dancing!  Dance class, games, crafts, and lots of fun with friends!
  • Become Your Own Superhero

    This is not your typical superhero drawing class.  In this course, campers will draw their own alter ego characters, with powers, costumes, and a logo. They will then create their own story line, illustrate, and develop into their very own comic book.  They will learn how to develop a story and bring it to life with a few strokes of a pen or pencil and some color; broadening their visual vocabulary.
  • Board Game Mania

    Back for another fun summer! Experience the mania! I promise you will not be “board” in this camp. Come play classic and current board and tabletop games.  Now with even more games!
  • Busy Builders

     Welcome to the construction zone!  Your little engineer will have a bang-up time designing, building, and beyond! Campers will enjoy hands-on fun and open-ended play with everything from magnetic tiles, racetracks, and tinker toys, to marble runs and bridge-building.
  • Cheer Camp

    Catch the spirit! Learn what it takes to be a Viking cheerleader! 
  • Christmas In July

    Imagine snow falling and hearing sleigh bells ring!  We will watch Christmas movies, make Christmas crafts, and enjoy holiday snacks.
  • Edible Masterpiece

    Imagine being told to play with your food! We will create wonderful pieces of art using food and then eat our yummy creations! 
  • Game, Set, Match

    Campers will participate in a variety of fun team competitions, games, and obstacles that will grow self-confidence, enhance team bonding, and instill good sportsmanship. 
  • Harry Potter Wizardry 101- Potions, Wands, and Spells

    Immersive Wizardry school complete with robes and Houses.  Wizard students will make all sorts of wizardry crafts including potions to bring home.
  • Harry Potter Wizardry- Puzzles, Games and Quidditch

    Wizardry students will use their magical skills to play games about Harry Potter, go on scavenger hunts, and play Quidditch!  Lots of movement and brain exercises in ingenuity!
  • Jedi Academy

    May the Force be with you as the young Padawan robe up and learn the basics of harnessing the Force.  We will explore the planets of the Star War universe, play games, make crafts, and learn basic lightsaber techniques for choreographed saber duels.
  • Komedy Kapers

    Let’s exercise your funny bones by exploring how to tell a joke and do funny skits.   
  • Legos, Coding and Robotics

    This is a techie campers’ dream!  Mrs. LaBure will teach campers to code robots on the computer and in person. 
  • Mahjong

    BAM! It’s MAHJONG TIME! Mahjong is a fascinating, rummy-like game played with tiles rather than cards.  Never played? That’s okay, come learn the difference between bams, cracks, and dots, as you discover the basics and sharpen your skills. Can you become a Mahjong Master?
  • Makerspace

    Students going into 3rd and 4th grade will enjoy creating with friends and having fun with their imaginations!
  • Makerspace Mad Scientist at Work

    Do you have what it takes to think outside of the box? Can you work together with a team to problem solve and conquer the challenges put before you? If so, then we need you! With team and individual challenges to create and take apart, fun and learning will combine to make this a camp not to miss! 
  • Makerspace- Backyard Style

    Spruce up your backyard fun making bubble wands, wind chimes, and more!
  • Makerspace- Things That Fly

    Calling all creative campers! Create your own giant catapult and have fun making things fly!
  • Mermaid Dance Camp

    Find your inner mermaid and roll with the waves!  Dancing, games, crafts, and lots of fun! 
  • Motor Skills

    Does your little Viking like to wiggle, dance, and move?  Then Coach Johnson’s motor skills camp is for you!!!  Parachute ball, obstacle course, and so much more!  Come join the fun! 
  • Movies and Munchies

    Come hang out in the cool classroom and watch some wonderful movies while enjoying individual snacks.
  • Painting and Drawing-Without A Brush

    Campers will explore different ways of making marks, from rubbings to rolling to hand prints and more! As the class develops, the students will explore the campus to find different ways to make marks, culminating in a large group mural.
  • Photojournalism: Telling A Story With Pictures

    Campers will explore their surroundings and produce a series of picture stories with photographs and text, the campers will produce a magazine.  Taught by a college journalism professor, this course is a great way to have fun and really learn to “see” a story.
  • Raptors, Fossils, and Fangs

    We will create art inspired by fossils, dinosaurs, and other interesting prehistoric animals such as aquatic creatures and saber-toothed tigers!  Work on your line drawing, watercolor, and sculpting techniques.
  • Saintly Spa

    Welcome to the summer oasis!  Time to de-stress and awaken the senses with everything from massages and manicures to face masks and foot soaks.  Campers will love getting pampered and releasing their inner ZEN!
  • Soccer for Young Players

    Campers will participate in drills and games that will introduce basic skills to a novice player and/or enhance an existing player’s knowledge and experience.
  • Special Effects and Makeup

    Learn basic SFX makeup effects that include: scars, cuts, bruises, Zombies, fish scale technique for Aquaman or Mermaid, robots, and steampunk styles and many more,  We will also watch a movie everyday that has interesting makeup SFX.
  • Tiny Tot Tech

    This camp will be everything tech! Students will use technology to make things and learn the ins and outs of technology.  This is a must-attend for those kiddos that love anything technology!
  • Viking Kicks Soccer Camp

    Vikings will have a great time on the soccer fields! We will practice the ins and outs of soccer and perfect our ball handling, passing, and shooting.

Summer Schedules Week by Week

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