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Enrichment 360

Enrichment 360

All Saints families can find the registration link on the Resource Board. 

All Saints Episcopal School is excited to begin offering after school enrichment courses for our families. Our enrichment courses are 12 classes that meet once a week after school from August 30-November 17. New courses will come out each semester!

Let's Get Moving! | PK3-K | Tuesdays | Gina Bass
Let's Get Moving is focused on developing gross motor skills through play. The students will enjoy a variety of activities to help improve balance, coordination, strength, fine motor skills, and overall health. Students will have fun working their bodies! PK3 and PK4 will nap at Club before their class begins at 3:15pm.
3D Printing | 1st-3rd | Wednesdays | Dena Williams
Students will use the Design Thinking Process and 3D printers to provide creative solutions for both students and teachers. Several examples of this might include generating backpack tags, developing new game controllers and making manipulatives for math and science. The Design Thinking Process guides students in problem solving as they construct models and test them in various stages for effectiveness. Beginners are welcome!
Explorations in Art Fundamentals | 3rd-5th | Tuesdays | Kesha Norman
Students will master new drawing, painting, and 3D art techniques using a variety of media and methods. They will increase their art vocabulary, develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental components of art, and build a close connection to the fine arts. Students will be encouraged to take risks, think critically, and solve problems visually in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Course content is based upon the national art standards, and projects will focus on subjects such as composition, color theory, perspective, the elements of art, and the principles of design.
Budding Entrepreneurs | 4th-6th | Wednesdays | Travis Walker
If you love Shark Tank, this empowering program is for you! Join other intrepid students and develop a business plan for your own business idea. You will learn to take risks and persevere, while making business-like decisions about strategy, marketing and finance (optional activities include building a website and designing business cards). Students build confidence "learning by doing" and make their pitch presentations on the last day!
E-Sports| 6th-8th | Fridays | Sean Adamic
E-Sports is taking gaming to the next level! We will train in Rocket League and hold internal tournaments. We will be working hand, eye coordination while building community around gaming. This class will prepare players for a larger state tournament that will happen next semester.E-Sports in schools is not just about playing video games. Just like other team sports, E-Sports teach valuable real-world skills like teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. By offering E-Sports as an enrichment course, schools reach students who often are otherwise disengaged from the school community. E-Sports in schools can transport these kids from the solitary world of digital gaming into the common space of the school. These otherwise uninvolved students join the ranks of their successfully involved peers: More likely to be engaged during classes. More likely to graduate. More likely to aspire to higher education. And less likely to suffer and spread the harms of feeling out of sync with their school community. Not only does E-Sports in school boost student interest in higher education, but it can also provide a pathway to postsecondary scholarships. Close to 100 colleges and universities are members of the National Association of Collegiate E-Sports (NACE), the official governing body for varsity esports. Nearly 200 US colleges collectively offer around $15 million a year in E-Sports scholarships.

Our Rates Are:
1 Course (12 Classes)
$200 ($16.67 per class)
2 Courses (24 Classes)
$87.50 $350 ($14.58 per class)

Our Schedule is:
Students go to their designated area and instructors walk them to their classroom. 
3:20-3:30 Students have their snack 
3:30-4:15 Instructors lead their activity as students participate 
Pick up is at the front office drive way
Club students walked to the Club Building
Students not picked up by 4:30 will be brought to the Club Building and charged for a drop in ($20). 

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