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National Junior Honor Society

Membership in the NJHS is an honor and a privilege. To be eligible for induction in the NJHS in 8th grade, a student must demonstrate outstanding character, leadership, citizenship, and service, as well as scholarship. Selection for membership is determined by a five-member Faculty Council, based on the criteria defined below. The All Saints campus selection process adheres to the guidelines established by the national organization.

  • Scholarship:
    Student achieves and maintains an average of 3.6 or higher for each semester in Middle School.
  • Character:
    Student is honest, reliable, dependable, loyal, considerate, and respectful of others.
  • Leadership:
    Student sets positive examples for peers; is self-motivated and self-disciplined; responsible and dependable; outgoing; takes initiative, is willing to lead and to work cooperatively.
  • Citizenship:
    Student relates in a positive way to other students; respects all adults; respects school property; follows school rules.
  • Service:
    Student is cheerful; cooperative; responsive to requests; eager to volunteer; demonstrates school pride; participates in activities that benefit others.

NJHS members and candidates of NJHS should have completed half their hours of service in both areas of School & Community by the end of the fall semester.