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2017-2018 Tuition and Fees


PK3/3 Day (8AM—1PM)                          $ 3,800.00 

PK3/5 Day (8AM—1PM)                          $ 6,275.00 

PK4 (8AM—1PM)                                      $ 7,595.00 

Kindergarten                                            $ 9,975.00 

1st Grade                                                    $ 9,975.00 

2nd Grade                                                  $ 9,975.00

3rd Grade                                                   $ 9,975.00 

4th Grade                                                   $ 9,975.00 

5th Grade                                                   $ 9,975.00 

6th Grade                                                   $ 10,650.00 

7th Grade                                                   $ 10,650.00 

8th Grade                                                   $ 10,650.00 


FEES  - (All fees are non-refundable) 


Per Year, Per Child: 

  • Enrollment/Registration Fee $300.00 

  • Tuition Insurance Fee $70.00 

  • School Supply Fee $60.00 

  • Transportation Fee (K - 8th) $100.00 

  • Science Lab Fee (6th - 8th) $100.00 

New Families— One Time Only: 

  • Application Fee $125.00 

  • Facilities Fee $500.00 

Overnight Field Trips: For planning purposes only, the following overnight field trips are planned for the 2017-2018 school year. These fees are not covered by the transportation fee and will be an additional fee. These amounts are estimates based on the most recent trips and may vary. 

  • 6th Grade to Galveston $200.00 

  • 7th Grade to The Outdoor School $325.00 

  • 8th Grade to Washington, D.C. $1850.00 


PAYMENT PLAN A: If tuition is paid in full by June 1, a 2% discount can be taken and the Tuition Insurance is waived. 

PAYMENT PLAN B: Payment is made in ten installments. The first monthly tuition payment is due June 1 and is non-refundable. Subsequent payments are due the first of each month, September through May. Payments are delinquent after the fifth of each month and carry a $40.00 late fee. Returned checks carry a fee of $25.00 each. 



Refund Policies: It is the policy of the school that each child be enrolled for the entire year. It is understood that the obligation is for the full tuition, except for those provisions covered by the Tuition Insurance Fee. No refunds are made for absences.