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Procedures and Policies

APPLICATION PROCEDURES                                                                                                                                       We appreciate your interest in All Saints Episcopal School! 

    All interested families are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Kathy Fisher, Director of Admissions, to tour the campus and discuss questions about the curriculum and programs offered. There is no cost to tourthe school which generally takes about an hour. 

   The Application Form may be submitted at any time after the birth of the child.

    The Application Fee, which covers the cost of the Admissions Testing, is $125.00 per student and is non-refundable.

    Admissions Testing is required for all potential candidates. Applicants for PK3, PK4, and Kindergarten will benotified of official Admissions Testing Dates typically held during the spring semester preceding admission. 1st – 8th grade applicants will be scheduled for Admissions Testing as needed.



    Students applying for PK3, PK4, or Kindergarten are interviewed by a teacher utilizing the Giselle Developmental Assessment.  Students are evaluated based on their chronological age as well as their developmental age. 

    Students applying for 1st grade are tested on the computer utilizing the Renaissance Learning Early Literacy evaluation for reading.  The math portion of the evaluation is completed on paper utilizing sections of theStanford 10 standardized achievement test. 

    Students applying for 2nd - 8th grade are evaluated on the computer utilizing the Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math diagnostic exams.  These students will also complete and submit a writing sample during the allotted testing appointment. 

    All children applying to the school should show promise of acting in accord with the character and values of All Saints.  

    In general, the testing appointment will take 30-45 minutes.



♦    For PK3, PK4, and Kindergarten applicants, we will accept those students whose scores indicate school readiness and an ability to process the amount of information at the advanced pace provided by our curriculum. 

    For 1st - 8th grade applicants, we will accept those students whose scores fall within or above the range of scores of our currently enrolled students for that corresponding grade level.  

    If a student is qualified but no space is available within the grade level, the student will be placed in a waiting pool. If and when a space becomes available the most qualified student in the waiting pool will be invited to enroll. 

    Admission is based on the availability of space, and the qualifications of the applicant as determined by the Admissions Committee.



    Students applying for 1st - 8th grade must submit achievement test scores and report cards from previous years. 

    Financial assistance is available and is based solely on need.  A student must be accepted and have submitted the Enrollment Contract and Enrollment Fee before applying for financial assistance.  

   The school is open to children of all races, creeds, denominations and nationalities.  All Saints is committed to the goal of building a diverse student body.

Please contact Kathy Fisher, Director of Admissions, for more information.

4108 Delaware St.    Beaumont, TX  77706     409.892.1755