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Primary Overview



The PK3 classes and PK4 classes are based on a curriculum rich in discovery learning. Each day begins with chapel with the Kindergarten classes. All Saints has a virtue of the month which is an important extension of daily chapel. There are two PK3 options for families, a five-day class and a three-day class. Both PK4 classes are five day classes. The low ratio of student-to-teacher creates a well-supervised environment and an intimate teacher/child relationship. The children in PK enjoy a wide range of activities in the program with periods outside the classroom for music, library, computer, and physical education. Students are introduced to math and reading readiness activities. The home-like environment provides warmth and plenty of materials, encouraging creative, imaginative play.

We recognize the incredible gift we have at All Saints to involve parents in the learning process. Our three and four year olds are continuously surrounded by 'big kids' and parents whom envelop them with enriching experiences at school and out in the community. Our smallest friends brighten our days in many ways, and it is a joy to have them on our campus.


Kindergarten at All Saints is a full day program. Each day begins with chapel. All Saints has a virtue of the month which is an important extension of daily chapel. Students in Kindergarten have a wealth of resources to enhance the program. Classroom curriculum includes language arts, math, social studies and phonics. Thematic Units are presented four times a year allowing the students to trade classes and explore activities and problem solve. Enrichment classes outside of the classroom include: Spanish, library, art, music, P.E. and science lab. Our Kindergarten is a safe loving environment that supports creativity, fosters independence and generates challenge.