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Code of Character


The All Saints Episcopal School Code of Character for Students:

  • Do no harm.
    Do not hurt anyone. Strive to make friends with others at school.

  • Be honest in all things.
    In your school work, do not cheat, plagiarize, or otherwise be dishonest. In all your actions, do what you know is the right thing to do.

  • Learn from your mistakes.
    Admit your mistake, tell the full truth, apologize, learn from the experience, and act positively from that point forward.

  • Always act with integrity.
    Be thoughtful about your actions, be true to yourself, and be sensitive to others.

  • Respect adults.
    Every adult at All Saints wants the best for you and deserves your utmost respect.

  • Be respectful of everyones differences.
    Respect each persons religion, racial, ethnic, socio-economic backgrounds and/or other differences.

  • Be a leader in your own positive and distinctive way.
    Always act in a way that promotes positive spirit in yourself and others, seeking the high road and opportunities to set an example.

  • Be your best and do your best.
    Be attentive, responsible, and accountable for your actions and work.

  • Be a role model.
    Younger students look up to older students. Treat others like you would want to be treated.

  • Act in a positive and welcoming way to everyone.
    Introduce yourself to new people, include them in activities, and be positive with everyone.

  • Be an individual and be part of the community.
    Be who you are, and also be sensitive to others.

  • Act appropriately wherever you are.
    You should always project the values of the school and follow school rules.